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Fur the First-Time: How To Shower Your Beagle With Love

Fur the First-Time: How To Shower Your Beagle With Love

Congratulations on your first fur baby! Like parenting kids, beagle motherhood is something that can make you rather nervous—sometimes maybe even frustrated, but all the time thankful for the amazingly profound experience of being a mom. Before you proceed, make sure you have the right pet; beagle is not a short cut for baby eagles! Nevertheless, these dogs are surely as intelligent as those flying creatures—and curious wanderers as well! So, get ready to be amazed by your beagle. But first, you need to know the basics on how to keep them happy and healthy.


  1. Make your house a safe space


Beagles are natural-born explorers. They might mistake your electric wires as beef jerky, leave wet pawprints across your most treasured rag, or even scavenge from your expired leftover pile. Keep this in mind: they are quick learners, but you must help them first by removing everything that can harm them. Hence, you should:


  • Avoid putting medicines and keys where they can reach it. They might think you’re leaving them with some treats!
  • Shut your garbage cans tightly and put it away, if you do not want your beagle munching on used tampons and tissue rolls!
  • Close the bathroom doors, or you’ll see your fur baby swimming in the toilet bowl.
  • Add child safety locks to lower cabinets.
  • Ensure that electric wires, ports, and chargers are kept away.


  1. Let them meet new people


Hey, don’t cry. Your beagle is not yet going off to marry! As a fur parent, you must know that your puppy deserves more love than one can ever give. The more the merrier, right?


When your beagle socializes, they can have the chance to know more about the world and be in-touch with their senses. Expose them to the hot summer sun or watch them build a snow-angel-dog. Let them experience the fragrance of barbecue parties or be familiar with the stench of their pee. Most importantly, don’t stop them from having friends, or they might be rebels that bark all day long.


This is the best way your beagle can develop skills and become independent, so you do not have to worry about them ever so often.


  1. Train, train, choo-choo!

If you want your dog to be the best in class (I mean, at home), you must allot a substantial amount of time each day for training! Don’t worry; even as a furst time mother, you have the maternal instinct to teach your beagle what is right! Quench their curiosity through and water down their stubborn spirits by giving them some tricks and treats to learn about. Just be sure you can commit to it, or they might forget—and you will have to start over.


As someone who had just gotten the chance of getting closer to your baby beagle, you might want to be with them 24/7. Resist the urge! You do not want them getting depressed if they do not see you for an hour or two—barking at everyone in your household till you get back. Right? The best way to avoid the development of bad manners in your puppy is to train them in a crate.


The idea of caging your pet might sound horrible, but it is the best way to go, as long as you properly apply it. They can still go around the house all day to play but train them to have a time-out. Rest is just as essential to dogs as it is to humans. Plus, you can discipline them here, and the overall housetraining process can be much easier!


  1. Prepare a healthy diet and workout routine


Ah, I know what you’re thinking. “I cannot even stick to my own exercise and occasionally break my diet plans, now I have to do it for my beagle?” Easy, Daisy. If it helps, you should know that your fur baby is a foodie, too!


When you eat your yummy, human meals, you may see your dog blatantly sitting in front of you and expecting some good ol’ treats. Don’t look at those sad, manipulative eyes! Kidding. Just do not give them table scraps, especially because they’re going to be spoiled or worse, sick. If they get used to some bread, they might go around asking you for more—probably even in an authoritative way! Don’t let that happen. And if you want to spend forever with your baby, train them to love pet food and some occasional dental sticks to chew on!


I know you might be having some difficulties with your hectic schedule but know that fitness is wealth. Leverage being a fur parent and jog with your beagle at the local park. To ensure that they have just enough energy for the rest of the day (and sleep on time), plan a detailed walking-playing activity for morning and night.


  1. Ready yourself for endless love!


Ever heard of BFFs? I think that means Best Fur-rends Fur-ever! Your beagle will be your most loyal companion, so always prepare yourself for the sweetest cuddles and random kisses! They will follow you everywhere unconditionally; they just want some time to spend with their mommy!


​Surely, it might seem overwhelming taking the full responsibility of parenting your puppy, but it will all be worth it when you see their eyes twinkle at the sight of your face, and even when they hear your footsteps or smell you from distances away. Face your fears—it will only get better from now.

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